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Best Holiday Destinations in India



Who doesn’t love Christmas holidays? It’s that time of the year where everything around you seems to sing jingles. Even a couple of weeks before Christmas, you come across happy shoppers and the atmosphere has an amazingly cheerful vibe for the whole month. This time of the year is so festive that everyone, even those who are not Christians, seem to enjoy the remarkable decorations and amazing celebrations. A great fact is that now, these celebrations are not limited to countries with a large Christian population. Even countries like China, India and Pakistan, which have a majority of people following other religions, have Christmas celebrations. This is because of the increasing idea that everyone should have the right to celebrate their traditional events. So December is pretty much filled with beautiful Christmas trees all around the world!


This time of the year is special no matter what. Even if you spend it in your cozy living room along with a few relatives, you will enjoy it a lot. Homely decorations with small Christmas trees and home-baked cookies can be so comforting! However, if you are one of those people who want to do something different this Christmas, here is a great idea for you: Explore India!

India is one of those countries that have extremely rich cultures. It is one of the best holiday destinations and is an ideal place for tourists who are fond of history and culture. A major benefit of travelling to India is the fact that it is extremely cheap. You can not only enjoy the culture but also several forms of modern entertainment in very low prices! If you are planning to travel to India this Christmas, here are some areas that you must plan to visit!


Goa – This city is known as India’s richest city and is swarming with tourists throughout the year. If you are the kind of person who enjoys being around new people, you will absolutely love Christmas in Goa. The city has a marvelous beach that offers various water sports. Also, you can spend your Christmas in lavish resorts and hotels here. Goa is particularly known for its casinos, which are among the best casinos of the world. People from throughout the world come here to play popular games. On Christmas, several hotels offer various deals for tourists to enjoy. Several lavish Christmas parties are held in these hotels and these certainly are the kind of parties you will remember forever! There are several live bands playing festive music for you to enjoy. Goa is perfect to celebrate Christmas with your friends or with your spouse. If you are the kind of person who wants to spend their Christmas meeting new people and partying way past midnight, Goa is the ideal place for you!


Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu – Who says Christmas needs to be spent in the traditional way? You do not necessarily have to be in a cozy room with a Christmas tree. In fact, you can celebrate it the rustic way! For some, Christmas simply means going on a great holiday. If you are planning to travel to India this December, you may want to spend your Christmas and New Year in Daman and Diu. This area is located on the Southern border of Gujrat and is known for its historical heritage. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who enjoys exploring history, you will love this place. The area is full of golden sand, which is a beautiful sight in the winters.

As for Christmas, you will find several ancient churches here. St. Paul’s Church, for example, goes as back as the 17th century! It has been known for being one of the most historic places and is visited by several Christians every year. If you want to celebrate Christmas in a different way this year, you can visit this amazing church in India and enjoy traditional carols and. A major reason you may want to visit it is the fact that it is one of the few areas that portray an amalgamation of cultures. The area is a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture, so you will see several Portuguese celebrations on Christmas and New Year! You can come here to enjoy this diversity!


Kerala – If you want to find a place in India where you can celebrate Christmas like you would at home, you can visit Kerala! This city is extremely popular among tourists and is known for its Christmas festivity. As soon as December begins, the city turns red and white, with several Christmas trees being proper outsides houses and shops. A major reason for this is the fact that most of the population in this city is made up for Christians. Apart from its Christmas festivity, Kerala is also a perfect holiday destination. This means that you can enjoy listening to Christmas carols while sitting among pine trees and watching the beautiful rivers.




Pondicherry – We all know about the British rule in France. Well, fortunately, the rule died out but it left several of its remains. This is exactly what makes India so fascinating; its diversity! While you can find traditional areas with Hindu worshipping places, you can also find areas that have a touch of the British culture. Pondicherry, for example, is an extremely cosmopolitan area. There are magnificent churches here, which several Christians visit every year. You can enjoy Christmas here among stunning beaches and amazing colonial buildings. The area is almost a shadow of France, with amazing French cuisine being available. What can make your Christmas better than a perfect church, a beautiful beach and some tantalizing food!


Now that you know about the diverse culture of India and the best holiday destinations here, you can plan Christmas here this year! There are several cities for you to visit and several opportunities to enjoy. If you want to do something different and enjoyable this year, these cities in India are where you should be!





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